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Chicago Injection Molding Solutions for the Medical Industry

For the past several years, the CBRE has ranked Chicago, IL as one of the top cities for life sciences clusters in the U.S. A popular location for major pharmaceutical companies and medical manufacturers alike, there is a consistent need for Chicago injection molding partners who possess an understanding of the unique needs of the medical industry.

As one of the premier plastics manufacturers in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the U.S., Omega Plastics specializes in providing Chicago injection molding services specifically for the medical industry.

With our ISO-certified class 8 clean room and extensive quality control procedures, our injection molding services are tailored specifically for the production of high-quality precision plastic parts and components for medical applications.

Our Services

Our medical injection molding services at Omega Plastics go beyond manufacturing. From design to production, we are your one-stop-shop for all your medical component injection molding needs.

Our services include:

Why Choose Omega Plastics

We are one of the only injection mold manufacturing partners that specializes in low- to mid-volume injection molding services for the medical industry. With our automation capabilities and deep expertise, we are uniquely positioned to offer highly repeatable and precise injection molding solutions for medical devices and equipment, no matter how small your run might be.

Our ISO-Class 8 cleanroom manufacturing services and specialized packaging services are carried out by our highly trained team members to minimize contamination and meet your high standards with every component.

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At Omega Plastics, you can be sure that your medical plastics manufacturing is in the most capable hands.

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