Teams working collaboratively always obtain greater results... Your team at Omega aspires to be a smart teammate that works as hard as you on your behalf...

We think you will agree that teams or partners working collaboratively can obtain greater resource utilization, greater leverage of expertise and a collective determination to reach an identical objective. Whether your project involves a single part, a collection of parts, or a complete assembly, you will experience the same level of collaboration from Omega Plastics.

At Omega, you can expect to experience collaboration at many levels.


Transparent communication is at the heart of collaboration. Omega shares concerns, problems, ideas and opportunities that may arise during your project. You can expect pro-active communication – no withholding of information or concerns that may impact your timeline or project outcomes. Your dedicated Program Manager will work side-by-side with you through the entire program to ensure transparency. Omega fills the role of a trusted partner that works hard on your behalf to achieve your desired results.


With the speed and complexity of today's projects, it requires a level of expertise by the entire team to meet or beat timelines and maximize profitability. There is simply no substitute for experience. Omega provides you with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in helping you achieve great project results. By staying up with the latest developments in our specific field of manufacturing, you gain the advantage of fresh ideas, fewer problems, better anticipation and improved efficiency.

Transferring Knowledge

Omega Plastics has the reputation of freely sharing project information. We believe strongly that this improves the launch of a product that we have systems to capture and share such data.

  • DFM
  • MoldFlow analysis
  • Tool designs
  • Lessons learned
  • Production opportunities & recommendations
  • Manufacturing & inspection data


"Knowledge is Power"... its an important aspect of achieving great results.

Recent Omega Success Story...

A major pharmaceutical customer develops a new drug delivery device. Through early collaboration involving a team of five different suppliers, Omega's unique tooling and molding capabilities provided a significant contribution to the projects exceptionally successful early launch and entry to the marketplace...


No one is ever being asked to slow down...

Since our inception as a "prototype shop", “speed” has been ingrained into our culture.

The way we set up processes, hire staff, lay out expectations, plan capacity, and purchase equipment all comes with responsiveness in mind as a strategic anchor to our client’ s success. It’s a harsh reality that second place finishers don’ t get rewarded well. Omega is consistently considered an industry leader in lead times for both injection molds and molding. It’s a way of life for us. Always has been.

  • Dedicated Program Management
  • Capacity management for quick turn tooling, molding and assembly needs
  • 'A-la-carte' ...purchase only the services your project needs!
  • Multiple tooling solutions – full range of tooling options
  • Customizable inspection services
  • Technology

    New manufacturing technologies creates opportunities that otherwise may not be available to you...

    Omega Plastics embraces new technologies that create uncommon tooling and manufacturing options. We continuously seek opportunities that will help ‘you’ reduce your project costs and lead times.

    Omega has a fundamental belief that innovation is what drives our clients, and we cant serve them well if were not being innovative in our manufacturing world.

    State-of-the-Art Mold Manufacturing:
    • Hi-speed automation cell that uniquely integrates CNC machining technologies that brings a high level of automation, repeatability and dimensional control to the mold making process.
    • Omega employs a unique palletized manufacturing processes normally found in the manufacture of high cavitation tooling, has allowed Omega to produce an annual average of over 450 molds.
    • Omega Plastics provides many features with our MUD unit inserts options that are typically found only in free-stand tooling configurations. Built to ‘your’ specifications to match ‘your’ CAD model utilizing Omega’s quick-turnaround, advanced manufacturing process.
    Other Highlights:
  • High-end electric presses
  • Incorporate Scientific Molding Principles including the use of RJG processing
  • 3,500 ft² Class 8 (100K) cleanroom molding and assembly
  • OGP Vision Inspection
  • Epicore ERP/MRP system
  • Mold Matrix
  • Reliable

    There rarely is the time and energy to manage suppliers...

    Leveraging collaboration and technology has resulted in a long track record of successful projects and repeat customers. You can trust your team at Omega to do the right thing, to follow-through, and meet commitments... to be reliable.
  • Best-in-class on-time delivery: utilizing some of the latest manufacturing equipment and processes, your project will get into production fast and on-time.
  • Strong Capacity planning: Using forecasting and current capacity data, Omega effectively plans for your project and makes commitments that are met.
  • Accountability: dedicated and focused Program Managers oversee, plan and execute the steps of your project so you don't have to.
  • Flexibility for Your Success

    Get in touch to learn how we can support your plastics needs.