Who is Omega?

Omega Plastics is a leader in tooling and injection molding solutions for prototype and low/mid volume production applications. Omega is proud to be serving a global client base in multiple market segments consisting of Fortune 100 companies as well as some brilliant entrepreneurs looking to launch their first project. Our mission is to get clients into production better than ever before. We look to fulfill this mission by providing manufacturing solutions that are grounded on collaboration, responsiveness, technology, and reliability. We believe that being all things to all people leads to mediocrity and that an expertise can be the difference between success and failure on a project. That is why we stay very focused on hi-end prototyping, bridge-to-production, and low/mid volume production.

"Getting you into production better than ever before"

Business Philosophy

The philosophies and principles that an organization lives out set the entire stage of any successful business relationship.

Two philosophies are at the core of Omega's business: 1) expertise and 2) collaboration

Expertise: Being all things to all people doesn't lead to greatness. To be great, you have to be focused. Experts become experts by spending an enormous amount of time on a focused area.

This is true in manufacturing as well. It is unlikely that a manufacturer can be great at all phases of development through production. There are different skill sets and cultures required to maximize success through this transition.

At Omega, we have taken a focused approach and said, Lets tackle the rough waters of high end development and low cavity production and be great at that. This expertise gives you a better chance of hitting tight timelines, meeting requirements, and even saving money by having more options on how to get your project into production.

Collaboration: People do business with people – Business is too important to leave our humanity at the front door. At Omega, we look to be a great teammate. This means caring about the work we do, openly sharing information, and serving others.

Connected to this idea of collaboration is Omega's purpose... To do great work so we can do good works. It is this purpose that motivates us to use the unique set of resources, networks, and capabilities within Omega to impact our customers, employees, and the community in which we live.

Community Involvement: We make conference space available for community meetings, donate to local non-profit organizations, and volunteer time at various charities. We get a lot of satisfaction utilizing all that is Omega to make strong connections to the bigger team that exists outside of our four walls.


Our principles are those things we would do even if the marketplace didn't reward us for doing them. They are our soul, our ethic, and our guide. Several years ago, Omega went on a 2-year mission to discover our principles. It was not about a marketing slogans or feel-goods; it was about discovering those behaviors that are consistently rising to the top of our discussions and decisions. In the end, these four principles surfaced:

  • We do what we say we will do
  • We are good team players
  • We care about the well-being of others
  • We are learners

  • We haven't attained perfection in any of them, but we hold ourselves to a high standard in their pursuit. You can expect these behaviors from us, so our invitation to any that we are privileged to partner with is to hold us accountable to them.

    If you would like to hear more details about the process of discovering our principles, we would be happy to share.

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