Innovative Medical Plastics Manufacturing

When it comes to medical devices and components, working with a medical plastics manufacturing partner that understands the unique demands of the medical industry is key.

Plastics are increasingly essential in a variety of medical applications and can be found in everything from syringes and twist caps to pacemakers and defibrillators. In these critical applications, the right medical plastics manufacturer prioritizes optimized mold design and testing, cleanroom manufacturing, and compliance standards.

Omega Plastics leverages expertise and a commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements to offer injection molding services tailored to the medical industry.

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How We Meet the Challenges of Medical Plastics Manufacturing

Mold Design and Testing

With mold design and testing solutions, our team at Omega provides a comprehensive and customized approach to your medical plastics manufacturing needs. From material processing to precision in tooling, we’re committed to ensuring that your plastic components meet the strict standards and requirements of the medical industry.

Our team works collaboratively with you to design the initial mold, taking into account geometries, size, shape, and fill characteristics. Then, we’ll run thorough tests with our Moldflow plastic injection molding software to simulate the filling of the mold to identify and mitigate potential problems early in the process when changes are easier and more cost-effective to make.

By undergoing this preliminary process, we can ensure a mold design that is optimized to produce plastic components that adhere to strict tolerances and minimize end-product defects.

Cleanroom Manufacturing and Compliance

During the manufacturing process, Omega is fully equipped to offer cleanroom injection molding services

Our team is highly trained to follow strict protocols and guidelines to ensure compliance and minimize the exposure of your medical plastic parts to foreign contaminants. Our cleanroom is ISO-class 8 certified and comes with a variety of capabilities to support your medical plastics manufacturing needs, including close tolerance injection molding services, specialized packaging services, and part decoration services.

We also adhere to our injection mold quality management system to provide a range of customizable services, and to maintain a balance of flexibility and rigidity throughout the process to ensure that your manufacturing expectations are met.

As a state-of-the-art medical plastics manufacturer, we provide quality checks, tests, and processes to maintain the quality and precision you need.

From Concept to Completion: Your Comprehensive Medical Plastics Manufacturer

Expertise, transparency, and collaboration from your medical plastics manufacturer are critical. Through our state-of-the-art mold manufacturing and tooling services, and our commitment to implementing the latest in technological advancements, Omega ensures precision and performance for medical plastic components and devices. Our cleanroom services and quality assurance checks allow you to keep all manufacturing processes in-house with a partner that understands your specific needs and requirements.

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