Improve Your Design with Custom Injection Molds

A successful plastic injection mold requires collaboration between your organization and the injection molder. Based on their expertise and industry experience, they will help you develop and optimize the design of your injection mold, select the appropriate material, and ensure the injection molding process meets the required quality and regulatory standards.

Certain industries, like healthcare, heavily rely on custom injection molds for producing plastic medical products such as syringes, inhalers, vials, and other medical devices. In these demanding applications, the design of the injection mold is a critical aspect of the injection molding process that can affect the quality and performance of the final product.

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Make the Most of the Injection Mold Design Process

Plastic Part Mockup and Mold Design

The first step our team takes is to design the plastic part that needs to be manufactured. This includes creating a model of the part and defining its size, shape, and features. Then we will design a custom injection mold that will be used to create the plastic part. We’ll help you consider the part geometry, material, and production volume.

Our Moldflow® plastic injection molding software then simulates the filling of the mold with molten plastic, predicting how the plastic will flow and fill the cavity. The software can identify potential issues, such as air traps, weld lines, and sink marks that could lead to defects and help designers optimize the part and mold design. At Omega Plastics, our team is equipped with industry-standard hardware and software technologies to create high quality custom injection molds including Solidworks, Cimitron, MasterCam, SurfCam, and PTC CREO (PTC Pro Engineer)

Injection Mold Manufacturing

Once the mold design is complete, the mold is manufactured with the right tooling. With mold testing and process control, we’ll ensure the mold produces high-quality parts. This may involve producing a small batch of parts and inspecting them for defects and cleanroom injection molding. Depending on any defects, further optimization may be required. Any adjustments here will help maximize production efficiency and part quality.

Once the custom injection mold has been tested and validated, it can be used for rapid mass production of the plastic parts. The production process typically involves injecting molten plastic into the mold cavity, allowing it to cool and solidify, and then ejecting the finished part from the mold.

Produce High Quality Parts with Custom Injection Molds and Expert Design Assistance

A strong relationship between your organization and your injection molding partner is critical to part performance and compliance. At Omega Plastics, we ensure the highest level of performance for your mid to low volume parts through process optimization, quality control, expert material selection, and critically, industry-informed plastic part design. With over 30 years of experience, we are a proven partner you can lean on for part excellence.
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