Scale Your Production with an Insert Molding Expert

When handled by an insert molding expert, the process of insert molding streamlines production, lowers costs, and increases the strength and durability of your plastic components.

Insert molding is a manufacturing process that involves inserting a pre-formed non-plastic part into the mold (such as metal terminals or threaded inserts) and then injecting thermoplastic resin around it to create a single piece. The process has many applications but is ideal for low-volume production, bridge tooling, and prototyping and testing.

Many industries, including the medical industry, rely on insert molding to manufacture end-use products that are more durable and lighter-weight than other alternatives.

At Omega Plastics, our team of insert molding experts utilize both horizontal and vertical injection molding presses for the purposes of insert molding, allowing for a versatile and flexible solution to meet your plastics manufacturing needs.

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Advantages and Applications of Insert Molding


  • Eliminate or reduce assembly steps – Because the parts have been joined together in the manufacturing process, there is no need for assembly later on. This also offsets the higher cost of insert molding by reducing manufacturing labor costs.
  • Result in stronger, more durable parts – Because the internal component of the part is protected by the outer shell of plastic, the end-use product is more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Improve efficiency of end-use products – Replacing certain aspects of the end-use product with plastic rather than metals reduces weight, making insert molding ideal for medical and transportation applications where efficiency is essential.
  • Meet tight tolerances – Insert molding is a highly accurate process capable of satisfying strict requirements and tight tolerances. It’s an ideal manufacturing solution for components with complex final designs.


Due to the versatility of the process, insert molding is extremely useful in applications where part strength, durability, and accuracy are critical. For instance, in the medical industry, end-use products such as surgical equipment, medical and lab equipment and components, implantable components, and prosthetics benefit from insert molding.

Other industries where insert molding is useful include the aerospace, automotive, building and construction, and consumer products industries.

Insert molding is also capable of scaling production, as the process lends itself well to creating identical parts on a large scale.

Work with an Insert Molding Expert for Stronger, More Accurate Plastic Parts

While the process of insert molding might seem relatively simple, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. The interior material must be capable of withstanding the high temperatures and pressures of insert molding, and keeping the insert stationary throughout the process is critical. A qualified insert molding expert will also be able to help you with the design of your mold to optimize features such as injection locations and mold types to minimize defects in your components.

With Omega Plastics as your chosen insert molding expert, you’ll have access to our 30+ years of experience and expertise in injection molding. Through our commitment to collaboration and transparency, we’ll bring you a fully customized manufacturing experience that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

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