Injection Molding Tooling Design

Utilizing automation to drive down lead times and improve quality. Omega provides timely tool designs and constructions of high-quality prototype tooling in an average of 2 to 3 weeks and production molds in an average of 3 to 6 weeks*. (*May vary depending upon availability of mold bases, manifolds and hot runner systems)

Omega's comprehensive tool room combines automation with strategic capacity planning so we can easily handle a significant package of tools. Omega offers an array of tooling options so you can tailor the exact option that best fits the needs of your program.

Automated Tool Manufacturing

Omega has invested heavily in an "advanced manufacturing technology" approach to building molds. Through the use of 3R palletization and robotics, Omega has automated much of the mold making process. This approach drives consistency, tighter tolerance capabilities, faster build times, exceptional quality, and excellent capacity – it isn’t uncommon for Omega to manufacture in excess of 450 tools annually.


Materials for Tool Construction:

Omega considers a full range of materials when developing the perfect tooling solution for your project, from high-grade aluminum to fully hardened steels. Omega Plastics will work with you and your team to determine the optimum tool construction approach to meet your requirements:

  • SPI Classifications: 101, 102, 103, and 104
  • Mold Materials: Aluminum, Steel (P20, S7, H13, Stainless)
  • Bases: Standard MUD insert sets (5×8, 7×11, 11×15) and freestanding bases up to 24×36
  • Processes: Automated CNC high speed machining (2, 3, and 5 axis), standard sinker EDM, wire EDM, mold surface finish and texturing to SPI standards
  • Cavitation: 1, 2, and 4
  • Cold runner & Hot manifold systems
  • Automated & manual (hand-loaded) tooling actions

Types of Injection Mold Tooling:

Prototype: Customized prototype tooling is a great option for those clients needing high quality parts fast. This tooling option is manufactured using the same automated mold manufacturing process that is used for production molds. Omegas prototype molds include 3D tool designs and often utilize industry standardized cavity/core inserts.

Bridge Tool: A great tooling solution for clients requiring the construction speed of a prototype tool with the quality of a production tool. This tooling option can be used to ‘bridge or fill the gap’ on projects you are not yet ready to commit to the construction of a full production tool. This option can also provide an ideal solution to provide for early market penetration with salable product while your long lead production tool is being constructed. Lastly, this tool can be utilized as excellent backup or ‘safety net’ should your production tooling fail or require unscheduled maintenance. We will work with you to develop an injection mold with as many features as you need to meet your quality and quantity requirements. Our experienced staff will help you determine the best solution to get you into production fast.

Production: Omegas 1 to 4 cavity production molds are an excellent choice for your low to medium volume production needs. Omegas automation and significant capacity enables us to meet lead times others cannot, for SPI - Class 101 to Class 103 production molds.

Tool Transfer: Utilize Omegas highly automated mold manufacturing services to build your mold and ship it to the destination of your choice if that works best for your project.

Expanded MUD Unit Options:

Omega Plastics provides many features with our MUD unit inserts options that are typically found only in free-stand tooling configurations.

Currently you will find the following value-added options available with our progressive ‘MUD Insert’ injection mold tooling packages…

  • Built to ‘your’ specifications to match ‘your’ CAD model utilizing Omega’s quick-turnaround, advanced manufacturing process
  • Hardened steel cavity and core blocks
  • Built with steel pins & bushings with the ability to add-remove change-customize with different steel types
  • 6-sided ground blocks
  • Internal locks
  • Proximity switch for ejection return
  • Cycle counters
  • Hot Tip gating
  • Stationary core pin with sleeve ejection utilizing double ejection plate system - 1st set to hold the core pin in position - 2nd set to contain ejector sleeve and eject part
  • Capable of using internal slides with 3 plate Mud system… buried 3 plate direct gating
  • Capable of adding and utilizing lifters

Omega Plastics continues to explore new possibilities of adding additional capabilities to our MUD unit and inserts tooling options… so please stay tuned!

Flexibility for Your Success

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