Learn How to Reap the Benefits of Low-Volume Injection Molding

low-volume injection molding

While the market demands products enter as quickly as possible, designers, engineers, and manufacturers must ensure quality. However, you can easily balance quality and client needs with low-volume injection molding. Low-volume molding, the creation of small quantities of molded products, is an efficient, versatile, and affordable manufacturing process.

While small to mid-sized companies have embraced low-volume injection, many major plastic firms have also embraced this strategy for fast product launches and additional flexibility in their budget. Low-volume injection molding bridges the production gap between prototyping and production. This technique remains ideal for producing and reviewing the first batch of a product for noticeable flaws before penetrating the market or mass production. For small to mid-sized companies, injection molding offers them the unique opportunity to adjust to a fast-paced world and remain afloat.

Satisfy immediate production requirements — and benefit from enhanced design for manufacturability with the support you need. Omega is one of the few injection molders focused on low to medium-volume injection molding. When it comes to producing demanding products like medical devices, you can rest assured you will receive the level of attention you need for streamlined success.

Create a Nimble Supply Chain

As we continue to manage the effects of a global pandemic, supply chain considerations continue to be essential. Gain additional supply chain advantages with lower inventory costs and less warehousing with on-demand orders. Mitigate the risk of shipping delays, enjoy improved lead times, and benefit from improved plastic part production efficiency.

In addition to quick-turnaround prototyping and efficiently using raw materials, at Omega Plastics we enable you to shorten your critical trial dates with certified clean room components and assemblies in low to medium-volume quantities. Our fully integrated Elow-volume injection moldingRP solution is implemented across inventory control, pre-production planning, and manufacturing execution (MES), providing you with added confidence in our unique ability to meet your needs.

Efficiently Produce Components with Robust Capabilities

Not every plastic injection molding company has the capabilities to meet the highest standards for medical components when it comes to performance. At Omega Plastics, we are able to meet the most demanding tolerances and specifications for product performance, manufacturability, and cost while meeting industry regulations. You are able to benefit from our robust processing capabilities that enable your product to be produced to specification each and every time.

Premium Injection Molding Services for Medical Devices

Low-volume injection molding remains essential in the healthcare industry. The medical industry finds plastic injection molded products beneficial as they are sanitary, lightweight, versatile, and inexpensive to produce. Medical device product development becomes a breeze — providing you with the flexibility to improve functionality, design, and manufacturability issues last minute. When pitching your product, a functional prototype gives investors and stakeholders added confidence in your solution. Overall, the low-volume injection molding process makes the efficient, precise, and safe manufacturing of medical devices uniquely possible.

Quality Assurance Remains Key

Complicated parts, like those in the medical industry, must pass stringent requirements in order to go to market. When it comes to quality assurance, our team at Omega Plastics is qualified and certified to simplify the process.
When meeting regulatory requirements is necessary, make sure you have a partner you can trust. Looking to introduce a new medical product into the market? Trust an ISO 13485-certified partner.

Exceeding Expectations in Every Opportunity

Known for high quality, low cost, and depth of expertise, Omega Plastics provides low-volume injection molding services for essential components that play vital roles in the medical market. We help businesses consider everything from part and tool design to prevent defects in production, minimize cycle time, simplify the process, and cut down on labor costs during assembly.

Wherever you’re looking to grow, our team is always here to help. No matter where you are located, our manufacturing solutions will remain grounded in collaboration, responsiveness, enhanced technology, and reliability.

Ready to optimize your production? Reach out to our team for support today.